Yes, There is Such a Thing as Smart Underwear

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Let’s face it: A lot of us spend more time on our smartphones than we would probably care to admit. From apps and games to music and calendars, our smartphones play a big part in keeping us organized, entertained, and efficient. But is all of that time on our phones unhealthy? What about all of the time our phones spend in our pockets. Could this be dangerous? Possibly. To counter the effects of electromagnetic radiation emitted from smartphones, one inventor has created a line of smart underwear designed to protect a man’s – well, you know.

Described as “underpants for superheroes’ by Richard Branson, Wireless Armour is a line of smart underwear designed to protect male fertility from radiation that is emitted by smartphones and other devices, according to a story at Ubergizmo. The underwear features a mesh of pure silver that has been woven into the fabric which protects the nether regions of men against 99.9% of electromagnetic radiation between 100MHz and 2.8GHz.

According to the company’s inventor, Joseph Perkins, this covers the “entire range of radiation emitted by wireless devices, from voice and text through to 4G and Wi-Fi.” Almost everything, he says, is blocked.

What do you think? Would you pull on a pair to protect the family jewels?

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