You Can Rent a Vintage Jukebox in Los Angeles

Jukebox Rentals Los Angeles

Time Machines to Simpler Times

When you can’t physically move back in time you must look for the next best alternative–bring the past to you. That’s exactly what Jukeboxes for Rent is able to do for residents in southern California. A division of Jukeboxes Unlimited, Jukeboxes for Rent offers a catalog of authentic Wurlitzer, Seeburg, Rockola jukeboxes. The traditional jukebox harkens are mind back to a time when machines such as these were hand-crafted and housed some of the greatest hit songs of the 20th century. Is there really a more romantic way of hearing Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley than from a lit-up jukebox?

Jukeboxes Unlimited RepairsSince 1971, Jukeboxes Unlimited has offered top-quality jukeboxes worldwide with a celebrity clientele list to back up their brand reputation. Adam Sandler, Burt Reynolds, James Caan, and Tom Petty are among the celebrity client list that have purchased a jukebox from Jukeboxes Unlimited. With just a handful of experienced jukebox mechanics, they’re able to keep at least 100 machines available for purchase at anytime. These are the real jukeboxes and not modern cases with CD technology. You’ll find Wurlitzer bubblers from the post-WWII era, colorful 50’s era boxes with real glass and 45rpm disc players as well as jukeboxes equipped for modern sensibilities.

Rent Jukeboxes in Los Angeles, California

If you’re filming a movie, taking vintage photography or would just like to have a jukebox at a party, Jukeboxes Unlimited rents machines out in the Los Angeles, Orange County and Ventura County areas. They currently have a Wurlitzer Model “OMT”, 1955 Seeburg Model “J” among others and they can be delivered to wherever you need it.


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