A Guide to Trade Shows for Entrepreneurs


Let’s say you’re a young entrepreneur who has developed a great new product that fills a void in the market. Your website is well-designed and your logo and collateral materials are on point but sales are slow. Sure, you could dump a ton of money into an advertising campaign but to better reach your target audience and connect with potential customers, an industry trade show is the way to go. Below, we’ve shared some trade show tips for rookies treading the trade show waters for the first time courtesy of Business2Community.com. Happy selling!

Create Some Conversation Starters: If you notice someone checking out the booth, make eye contact and strike up a relevant conversation. Start with simple questions (e.g. Where are you from?) before advancing into a more conversational flow (e.g. What is your biggest concern about (topic)?)

Be Wary of Competitors: Rather than judge everyone on a person-to-person basis, be wary of all competitors. Be polite and engage in small talk but don’t pitch your business or offer up specific details.

Create Cheat Sheets: Create a cheat sheet on an index card or piece of paper that includes essential tidbits about your product or service that all potential leads should be aware of. It can also include reminders of what to do and not do when talking with leads.

Pay for Booth Location, If Possible: A better booth location might cost extra but it’s likely to mean more secure leads which is better for your business in the long run. Stick to high traffic, but not congested, areas and avoid being next to the PA system.

Emphasize Bright Colors and Approachability: A visual-friendly booth that features bright colors and a clear message will attract customers on appearance alone, which creates opportunities for you to talk about the product and capture leads. Additionally, you must also be approachable so smile, be confident, and be willing to talk about your product and listen and answer questions.

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