Long Beach Dogged by Multiple Power Outages in July

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Photo credit: City of Long Beach CA

Long Beach has been experiencing power outages since July 15 when the first of a series of underground vault explosions cut power to thousands of customers in the downtown area. City administrators are angered with Southern California Edison for the inconvenience which has had a major impact on the quality of life for residents and the local economy.

The frustration has council members and locals seething because the California Public Utilities Commission’s guidelines don’t consider the Long Beach fiasco a major outage. The city lost power to the Police Department, City Hall and many high-rise buildings. Customers have claimed that roughly 960,000 person-hours of disruption have occurred due to the vault explosions.

Twice in July, Long Beach lost power. The first explosion caused a four-day outage that led some to being stuck in elevators and caused manhole covers to become airborne. The public’s confidence in the infrastructure is at a low point. All eyes are on Edison to make things right with Long Beach citizens.

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