Combat Disaster with Power Generator Rentals from Power Plus

Natural Disasters Can Interrupt PowerMaybe it isn’t a coincidence that Power Plus’ locations are in the center of a major drought taking place throughout the West. Due to the widespread fires infiltrating swaths of land there, many homeowners and businesses alike are likely dealing with unnerving uncertainty and chaos.

Blazing rampant throughout the West, these fires are causing damage to everything in their paths and one of the major problems these fires are inflicting could be power outages. So, that’s where Power Plus comes in. With stores in California, Arizona, Nevada and Texas, there are over 400 generators ranging in size from 15 kilowatt to 4 megawatt, according to, so no matter where you are and especially if you’re located in the middle of the heat zone, a generator can be delivered to you fast, when critical minutes count.

With towable trailer mounted units, they have to the ability to be placed literally anywhere, which can come in handy in a hazardous situation, such as a wildfire, hurricane, flooding, etc. Their purpose can be three-fold: 1) emergency power supply, 2) backup supply 3) your main source of energy.

Skid mounted trailers are great to use as well. Besides providing all the benefits of a towable unit, skids are sturdy; they are mounted onto a metal frame or piping (a few are wood-made but not many in this case.) And because of their frame, skids can be placed within locations which a towable trailer cannot.

In partnership with Rent It Today, Power Plus provides customers an easy, cost effective way to rent a generator in a time of need  Call on Power Plus and you can take care of the pressing issues at hand.

Find Portable Power Generator Rental in Sacramento, California

Power Generator Rental

The Sacramento, California region is currently experiencing a record drought and wildfire outbreak. Power Plus provides towable power generator rentals and skid mounted power generators among the variety of diesel powered generators carried by Power Plus for emergency backups in disaster stricken regions.

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