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With the increase in baggage fees at the airport, shortage of space in the car or just the added headache of traveling with more then you need to, why not leave those extra items at home and instead travel a little lighter with just your personal items. Sounds good doesn’t it?

seaside linen

That’s where Seaside Linen & Rental Company steps in to help you out. In 2001 Seaside Linen began as a supplier of high quality linens and luxurious towels for the privately owned vacation and rental properties in Southeastern North Carolina. Since that time Seaside Linen has developed into Seaside Linen & Rental Company.

Today Seaside Linen & Rental Company is a full service supplier of not only bed and bath linens but also baby and beach equipment rentals. The steady pursuit of quality products and service has made them an industry leader in Southeastern North Carolina. In a given week during the summer more than 2500 people sleep on their sheets and use their towels, their Jamis Beach Cruisers can be seen up and down the beach strip, and many parents are happier and able to enjoy their vacation knowing their baby is safe and sound sleeping in the crib they rented from Seaside. Seaside Linen is the exclusive supplier of linen services for 10 of the leading real estate management companies in Southeastern North Carolina, with a service area stretching from Ft. Fisher, NC to Atlantic Beach, NC. The convenience of having your baby and beach items waiting for you to arrive and the finding your beds made and your towels laid out at your vacation cottage makes your travel more relaxing and worry free. When you are ready to go home just leave everything behind where you found it when you arrived and Seaside Linen & Rental Company will pick everything up for you—how simple is that?

For more information you can call them toll free 1-866-615-4636, visit their site directly or check out their listings on Rent It Today.

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