Hospital Administrators Do Their Homework Before Making Buying Decisions

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Before many of us make a big purchase such as a car, home, television or smartphone, we typically do quite a bit of research before pulling the trigger. In the world of healthcare, things aren’t all that different. Like us, hospital administrators and doctors spend a fair amount of time doing online research before buying or renting a piece of equipment for their office or facility. They are, after all, spending thousands (or more) of dollars on equipment and systems that not only help the hospital run efficiently, but also can save lives.

So what type of research do these individuals do before they break out the checkbook? Below, we’ve shared some of their research habits as identified by

They filter options through online research: When considering a long list of possible options, search plays a major role in helping administrators narrow the list to something more manageable. According to the article, more than 90% of hospital administrators use search engines to identify vendor and product options and to research features.

They ask the right questions: Digital channels can give administrators a “360-degree view of the seller and their products” providing them with information that can “transform the nature of a sales meeting.” This online research not only helps administrators hold sales reps accountable but also gives them the knowledge to ask the right questions.

They move across screens: Half of all hospital administrators use smartphones to make purchasing decisions and one in three of those use them to conduct research including reading reviews and customer testimonials. Experts predict that in the near future, medical device-related searches on mobile devices will overtake desktop searches.

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