Here’s What Trending in Weddings This Fall

Autumn Wedding Tips 2015

With wedding season in full swing and fall ceremonies just around the corner, we thought it might be fun to write about some of this year’s top trends. If you’re a soon-to-be-bride or much-involved groom, here are several things that are trending in 2015, courtesy of Lauren Key for

Wild West Weddings: Key says that “weddings are headed west” in terms of style and design. The theme of the year is “inspired by ranches and lots of leather accents” and the details are “personal and elevated, but the party has a fun, relaxed vibe.” (Think antler motifs, distressed lounges, cowhide rigs, wildflower bouquets, leather elements, specialty craft beers, and heirloom bourbon cocktails.)

Drone Wedding Photos and GoPro Videos: Key says that if you want a view of your special day from every angle, go with a drone or GoPro.

Foodie Installations: Key says that “food and drink are taking center stage at weddings this year in an outrageous way.” Hanging salad stations, doughnut dessert walls that double as escort cards and beer-garden-inspired-stations with beer steins made of ice are all trending. For creative or over-the-top ideas, talk to your caterer or hire a food stylist.

Unexpected Wedding Venues: Key say that more couples will look to unexpected spots to host the ceremony such as castles, private estates, museums and caves (see photo above) in 2015. The best part about going with something unique? You don’t have to go crazy with the décor because the space speaks for itself.

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