Must-Know Trade Show Secrets for Businesses

Trade show booth by Xibeo

Trade show booth by Xibeo

When it comes to trade shows, it’s not enough just to throw up a display and hand out hundreds of flashlight keychains and business cards. To have success, your business needs to be prepared and have a plan. Below, we’ve shared several expert secrets from Rhonda Abrams for USA Today to help your business knock it out of the park at your next trade show. Good luck!

  1. Choose the right show. Abrams recommends looking for conferences or shows where customers you’re targeting are likely to attend. She also says you should ask your customers which shows they go to, read exhibitor information on websites or brochures, and to talk to conference organizers. You can also search your industry association’s website for upcoming events.
  2. Tell people you’ll be there. Abrams advises businesses to send attendees a notice ahead of time with your booth number and an incentive to stop by. You should also arrange meetings with key customers and prospects ahead of time.
  3. Create an effective booth. Abrams says that every attendee who walks by your booth should see the name of your company immediately along with an image of your product or service. At the minimum, have an eye-catching banner made with your company name and maybe a photo of your product.
  4. Have giveaways. Abrams says the most important thing you can give away is your print collateral. If you plan on making sales on the show floor, have order forms ready to go and use a card reader for your phone or tablet to process transactions. And don’t forget the freebies!
  5. Make the first move. Abrams advises vendors not to sit back in their booth but instead, make the first move. Stand up, say hi and be approachable and friendly.

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