Top 3 Best Places to Go Camping in the Commonwealth

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Here in Kentucky, the summer and fall months are the perfect time to grab your camping gear and head out for a little rest and relaxation under the stars. Across the Commonwealth, there are dozens of great places to pitch a tent, but below we’ve shared a list of some of the best, courtesy of blogger Albatrossk for HubPages. Safe travels!

  1. Natural Bridge State Park: The number one spot on Albatrossk’s list, this park features “challenging and leisure trails” and natural formations such as the Natural Bridge, Balancing Rock and others. The park, near the Red River Gorge National Geographical Area, has 2,200 acres surrounded by the Daniel Boone National Forest and includes 22 miles of trails, a 60-acre lake, two campgrounds, lodging, and dining facilities. It’s also a great place to boat, fish, hike, canoe, swim, and more.
  2. Cumberland Gap National Park: Camp and get a sense of history at the same time at Cumberland Gap National Park, according to Albatrossk. This park features 85 miles of trails, cascading waterfalls, lush forest, and beautiful mountain views. It also offers cave tours and several sites with historic buildings.
  3. Koomer Ridge Campground: Located in the Red River Gorge Geographical Area, Koomer Ridge offers a campground, cabins, and trailer and tent spaces for rent. Nearby activities include climbing, biking, hiking, and canoeing. Be sure to take in the large arches along the trails while you visit.

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