Drone Service to Deliver Medical Equipment to Remote Areas

 Medical Equipment Delivered by Drones

Photo via Forbes.com

Here in the U.S., most Americans can get medical supplies and attention fairly easily. In some parts of the country and several locations around the world, however, getting urgent products and equipment for medical purposes can be extremely challenging. To reach these isolated and remote areas on our planet, one company is utilizing the rapidly advancing technology in the drone industry.

Flirtey, an Australian start-up, recently completed the first FAA approved package delivery by a UAV in the United States. What makes this drone different is that it has been designed to transport humanitarian aid, such as medical supplies and equipment, to areas that are difficult to reach otherwise. Although the commercial market for this time of service doesn’t currently exist, the company’s founders believe that could change once people realize the benefits of the service.

According to recent stories shared in the media, India is one potentially lucrative region for the delivery of medical equipment using drones because there are many low-income areas that lack access to medical supplies. There are concerns, however, that the “patchy regulatory environment” which lacks funding and incentives for manufacturers could prove to be a challenge and ultimately hinder progress.

What do you think? Will drones be used to deliver medical equipment to remote areas in the near future?

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