More Needs to Be Done to Help Disabled Find Work in Arizona

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As the nation celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi of The Arizona Republic says there is still much work to be done to help the disabled in Arizona find employment. According to her article, only three out of 10 of the state’s 365,000 working-age people with disabilities are employed. While many people assume that disabled are unable, unwilling or uninterested in working, a recent study from the Kessler Foundation tells a different story. According to the study, many Americans with a disability are largely striving for work.

Laszlo writes that in Arizona, 23,500 youth with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 20 are preparing to enter the workforce. Like many of their non-disabled peers, that “have high expectations and deserve the opportunity to achieve the American dream.” People with disabilities can work in restaurants, parks, assist aging seniors and be “super talents in developing computer software.”

According to the article, vocational rehabilitation programs in Arizona helped nearly 2,000 people with disabilities find work in 2012, but the state has done little to address the nearly 1 percent employment gap between those with disabilities and those without. In order to close this gap and break down barriers, Laszlo writes that funding to unsuccessful programs should be stopped and instead public-private philanthropic partnerships should be supported.

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