Add a Front Yard Patio to Give Your Home a Wow Factor

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There are many things you can do boost your curb’s home appeal, but why not do something that not only looks good but can also be enjoyed? Enter the front yard patio. The front yard patio is essentially a mash up of two traditional places of entertaining guests outside the home: the backyard and the front porch. Below, we’ve provided patio/landscape ideas for front-yards, courtesy of Enjoy!

  1. Breaking Up is Easy to Do: According to a 2012 survey by the National Association of Home Builders, 82% of buyers rated patios “essential or desirable”. A well-designed front patio breaks up the visual sameness of the home’s exterior, says Gordon. She suggests keeping it simple wit bold furniture colors and strong shapes.
  2. All Hands on Your Front Yard Deck: Gordon recommends installing decking board perpendicular to your house and slightly sloped to that water runs away from siding and foundation walls. Also, be sure to clean and seal the deck periodically.
  3. Easy Growing Green: Gordon says patio containers give your space a lush look, even if your area is water-deprived. She recommends making your own box planter so “you’re not a slave to watering.” Want to grow edibles? Mix veggies with flowers or plant herbs with showy blooms, like chives and rosemary.
  4. Warm Relations: Gordon says fire pits and bowls are a great addition to any type of patio. Just be sure to check local ordinances regarding open flames and remove flammable objects nearby.

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