DIY Video Production Tips That Will Save You Time and Money


Sure, you might think you’re as good as Howard or Spielberg or Kubrick or Allen but I’m guessing you’re not working with the same budget. If I’m right – or if you’re more of the DIY-type – take a few minutes to read the list of tips below from Julian Grant for for shooting a good film on your own. Good luck!

  1. Shot list everything. Storyboards don’t help most microbudget productions. According to the article, short lists are an “easier and more adaptable way to work in smaller microcinema productions.” It’s also important to not limit yourself and to keep a running total and check them off as you go.
  2. Create set-ups list based on shots. Microcinema requires directors to work quickly so shoot for twenty set-ups a day but do more if possible.
  3. Look at your time allocations each day. Grant says directors should “watch the clock like a hawk and time out” their day to the minute. Use scheduling software to estimate times to shoot each scene and publish it on daily call sheets and production paperwork. Get a good assistant director to help keep things running smoothly and remain organized.
  4. Use a shot numbering system for you slate and stick with it. Grant recommends a Scene Number and then an Alpha Numeric Code on the slate for each set-up within a scene. Film production software can help. Grant also advises directors to avoid following an edit order and to number set-ups based on advance breakdowns and pre-planning.
  5. Avoid dolly and crane shots (unless you have time).

For the rest of Grants tips, click here.

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