Top 3 Easy Exterior Home Improvements That Boost Resale Value

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Yes, the condition and amenities on the inside of your home are important when it comes to selling your home, but first impressions count so it’s equally important to make sure the exterior is at its best. Before dropping tens of thousands of dollars to boost your home’s curb appeal, it’s important to know which improvements help increase its resale value. Below, we’ve shared a list of these improvements from the popular blog Housecall by RIS Media.

  1. Replace Your Front Door: According to the article, a front door says a lot about your home. It’s the first thing a buyer walks through, so quality and how secure it feels is important. Although a standard 20-gauge steel door can cost around $1,200, a quality front door can bring you a return of around 102 percent.
  2. Updated Landscaping: According to the article, over 92 percent of buyers check out homes on the Internet so you “want to be able to showcase your property in the best light possible” to encourage them to take a closer look. It has been found that quality landscaping can net a seller a 252 percent return in increased home value. Additionally, it can also help the property sell 10-15 percent quicker.
  3. New Paint: Repainting the home means less stress for the buyers because that’s one less thing they need to worry about. If you are going to repaint, choose “warm and inviting colors, such as taupe, tan or white.” A neutral exterior color is appealing to a larger pool of buyers.

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