The Best Mountain Biking Trails in the U.S.

Colorado Mountain Bike trail

21 OCT 2011: Mountain biking the trails of Deer Creek in Littleton,CO.

One of the most popular sports among outdoor enthusiasts, mountain biking is not only great exercise, but also a great way to see some of the more beautiful spots in the country. Below, we’ve shared a list of some of the best places to mountain bike in the U.S. courtesy of Patty Hodapp for Men’s Fitness! Ride on!

  1. McKenzie River Trail – Eugene, Oregon: This trail, which twists through the Cascade Mountains, is 26.5 miles of “tight single-track feasible for beginners and thrilling for experts.” On the trail, you’ll see “lush green forest and lave fields” as well as hot springs and blue pools before descending “along a mountain river lined with waterfalls.” Hodapp describes the ride as “fast, exciting, and gorgeous.”
  2. Poison Spider Mesa Trail – Moab, Utah: Described as “the place to be for al serious riders”, Moab features cracked sandstone trails and slickrock steeps that are a challenge even for experts. West of Moab, Hodapp says, you can take a 13-mile loop, which climbs over 1,000 feet in elevation onto Poison Spider Mesa. While the return on Portal Trail isn’t too technical, Hodapp says there is deep sand in some areas, which can be rough on riders’ muscles. She also advises folks to bring plenty of water for the “harsh, dry desert climate.”
  3. Bangtail Divide Trail – Bozeman, Montana: A 31-mile loop, the Bangtail Divide Loop is “Montana’s go-to for epic mountain scenery.” Hodapp recommends starting at Stone Creek and switchback up to Grassy Mountain, which tops out in smooth singletrack and climbs vertically for two more miles. After mile 18, you’ll hit a five-mile downhill section that takes you through a pine forest. The trail ends at Brackett Creek but Hodapp says you can take Highway 86 for an easy eight miles back to Stone Creek. To read the rest of the top spots on Hodapp’s list, click here:

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