I’m On a Boat: New App Makes It Easier to Have Fun on the Water

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.com

Photo courtesy of commons.wikimedia.com

Growing up, our family would head to Lake Cumberland every summer to hang out on the water and camp out under the stars. We didn’t own a boat so we often rented a pontoon from the local marina or took our turn riding in the back of my uncle’s Bayliner. Neither option was ideal but we didn’t really have a choice. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, things have changed.

With the rise in popularity of home rental service Airbnb, other entrepreneurs have launched similar sharing services in other industries. One of the most recently launched of these services is Get My Boat, a boat-sharing service that allows folks to post their own boats or find a boat to rent by the hour.

From pontoon boats to fishing charter to jet skis, users have access to a variety of watercrafts from 3,300 vendors worldwide. With this service, each boat owner or rental company sets their own price and the app’s GPS location services allow you to locate the best price nearest you. Additionally, Get My Boat can also set you up with a guide if you’re not an experienced captain.

According Boat Rental Hobby Made Easier with App, the average boat owner uses their watercraft just 8% of the year so Get My Boat is a great way to “make sure you’re getting what you pay for.”

For more information on the app, visit getmyboat.com.

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