Your Yacht Isn’t Complete Without One of These

Espen Oeino/Heesen Yachts

Espen Oeino/Heesen Yachts

Okay, so maybe you don’t own a yacht, but I bet you’ve spent some time thinking about what it would be like to float around on one. Today’s superyachts are a billionaire’s dream and feature gorgeous interiors and “cutting-edge technology, including fixed-pitch propellers combined with a Rolls-Royce central booster jet” that lets riders cruise around at the speed of an automobile. Nice amenities for sure, but the one feature superyacht owners absolutely have to have these days has nothing to do with bedroom linens or engines. No, the latest must-have feature are waterfalls. That’s right. WATERFALLS.

In an article for, a manager at superyacht builder Heesen Yachts said that clients are requesting waterfalls because they not only look great, but also because they can be used to create a water banner that acts as a privacy shield (you know, just in case the paparazzi are trying to snap a photo). In addition, waterfalls are also used for entertainment purposes. Gioanola says that movies can be projected onto waterfalls if the flow is cranked up. Somewhere, Robin Leach is smiling.

Where To Rent a Yacht in Miami

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