How to Save Some Money When Landscaping This Summer


Improving your home’s curb appeal, doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Below, we’ve shared a few tips from Gerri Detweiler for Money for sprucing up your yard without spending a fortune.

  1. Mulch – for Free: Not only does mulch “freshen up a flowerbed” it also means less weeding and watering, which means you save more time and money. You can save even more by grabbing some free mulch. Several communities offer curbside pickup of lawn waste, which is turned into mulch for city residents. Detweiler recommends checking with your local government to see if a program is offered in your hometown.
  2. Prune, Trim, Pull: Detweiler says simple pruning, trimming, and weeding can make your yard appear “tidy and more attractive.” Plus, it’s inexpensive. You can also save money by making your own homemade weed killer using one gallon of white vinegar, 1-2 cups of salt and a squeeze of dish detergent. Other gardeners also swear that boiling water will do the trick. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that.
  3. Free Can Be Good: Detweiler recommends checking Craigslist for free or low-cost plants and to keep an eye out for plant sales and swaps at local garden clubs. You might also want to ask a neighbor if they have plans to thin out their plants and if so, offer to help. Additionally, garden centers often drop the prices of plants at the end of the season, which means you get more bang for your buck.
  4. Love Your Lawn: Add some elegance to your yard by using an attachment to create a striped look when mowing your grass. The cost? Just $100-300. Live in an area where it’s tough to maintain a “lush lawn”? Try native grasses.

To read the rest of Detweiler’s money-saving tips, click here.

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