Wreak Havoc with These Jurassic World Lego Play Sets

Jurassic World Lego Set

LEGO Jurassic World. Digital image. LEGO.com, 9 Jun 2015 <http://www.lego.com>

The Park is Finally Open

Over two decades after the release of the 90s Spielberg classic, Jurassic Park, the fourth installment in the beloved franchise is set to release June 15, 2015. Jurassic World directed by Colin Trevorrow and starring Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard is sure to move some product this summer and into the start of the school year in August, as children fall in love with the same prehistoric creatures that Millenials did in the summer of 1993. School supplies, backpacks, lunchboxes and toys emblazoned with the Jurassic World logo are expected to fly off the shelves. Among the licensed products to receive special Jurassic treatment are the Lego sets and video-game.

Cincinnati-based toy manufacturer, Kenner Products, had the rights to this massive franchise in the 90s until merging with Hasbro in 2000. The above video is an example of the toys that littered my bedroom floor as child. This is the first time that the wildly popular Lego brand has attached itself to a Jurassic Park film in an official capacity. Currently there are six different Lego play sets based on Jurassic World available for purchase. Here’s a few of the coolest Jurassic World LEGO sets.

Awesome Jurassic World Lego Sets

Dilophosaurus Ambush (75916) $29.99
Dilophosaurus Ambush
One of the more modestly priced sets, you get a Dilophosaurus, two figures, a gyrosphere and 4×4 SUV with accessories such as a cattle prod and chicken leg to feed the dinosaur. The 4×4 features a cockpit, rubber tires and towing winch in front. That’s an obvious reference to Dennis Nedry’s Jeep from the first film and his doomed fate when confronted by a Dilophosaurus.

Raptor Rampage (75917) $49.99
Raptor Rampage Lego

You have to buy this set if you want the Owen and Claire figures. In this one you get two Velociraptors, Claire and Owen. The vehicle is a mobile vet unit that will be seen in the film. There’s also an ACU trooper and motorcycle for Owen to outrun the Raptors! Owen comes with knife and Claire a cellphone.

Indominus rex Breakout (75919) $129.99
Indominus Rex Breakout

This is the most expensive set in the Jurassic World line-up. The I-Rex has broken out of its impound! You get the impound set, which is pretty sizeable. Four figures that include Zach, a Vet, Dr. Wu and an ACU trooper. There’s a crane lift to lower food to the I-Rex, helicopter and research laboratory. Create your own scenes!

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