Allow Pac-Van to Solve Your Job-Site Storage Challenges

Pac Van Mobile Office Container

Providing Your Storage Space Needs

Pac-Van has a finger in every pot when it comes to industrial and construction settings. Maybe you’ve seen one of their containers before? They’re hard to miss, just look for the subtle Pac-Van logo usually located on the top corner of one of their storage rental containers. The good news for you is that Pac-Van’s expertise isn’t relegated to the world of construction, and that’s a benefit for you when considering the wide array of products they provide.

Pac-Van is located in 20 states with a service area that stretches to 39 total. Live north of the border? No problem, Pac-Van has a location in Canada as well. The plus of having of a reputable storage solution company this close to you is timely delivery/pick-ups, good pricing and quick response time for maintenance. If you need an industrial container that’s tough enough to handle the gritty atmosphere of an on-going construction project, you have a choice between a 10′ mini container for a month, or a 40′ storage container for a year.

Special event coordination is a must for any even coordinator. Pac-Van aims to assist these professionals by providing a nucleus for all their communication and plans with a mobile office trailer. Over the years, Pac-Van has provided office trailers for large events such as the Super Bowl, Kentucky Derby and Bonaroo. Don’t worry about scrounging up furniture for your office trailer rental. With a request, they will set-up partition walls, provide furniture, ramps, fixtures and all the extras that make a makeshift office a real office.

Expect More with Pac-Van Portable Storage Container Rentals

Need a storage container rental for your job-site or special event? Contact Rent It Today where we can connect you with Pac-Van rental listings nationwide. Modular buildings, conex boxes, mobile office containers–all can be found at a Pac-Van service provider near you.

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