Find a Nearby AED Through PulsePoint Respond App

PulsePoint Respond App Helps Save Lives

Everyone loves a hero. In today’s world, heroes are abundantly represented in Hollywood blockbusters. In the real world, however, the people who save lives aren’t wearing masks and capes. They’re people who are trained in their ability to perform CPR on people who suddenly experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest. The PulsePoint Respond App helps connect these citizens trained in CPR and the SCA victim.

PulsePoint Respond is a smart-phone app that can be downloaded from their website at The location-powered app contacts ordinary citizens who are trained to perform CPR through their cell-phone and gives them the location of a person experiencing cardiac arrest in their general location. When the medic dispatch is contacted by those close to the scene of the incident, a notification is sent through PulsePoint to all active members in the vicinity. According to their company webpage: “These notifications are only made if the victim is in a public place and only to potential rescuers that are in the immediate vicinity of the emergency.”

Once contacted the trained CPR citizen will get an exact location of the victim in their local area. The app directs all responders to the nearest public AED to increase the response time and greater probability of saving the person’s life.

PulsePoint App

Where to Rent an AED Near You

It would benefit businesses that see high traffic of customers to look into renting an AED in the case that such an emergency described above were to happen. Cardiac arrest can occur to anyone, anyplace at anytime. If and when it does happen, there’s a great chance that someone trained in CPR can assist you or a family member before the ambulance arrives with the advent of the PulsePoint Respond App. Defibrillators provide individuals and families with comfort, safety, and dependability making them a very important rental for businesses in highly populated areas. Visit for more information on medical equipment rentals through our nationwide rental listings.

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