3 Reasons for Why Your Lawn Tools Need to Be Sharp

Photo courtesy of blog.quizzle.com

Photo courtesy of blog.quizzle.com

With any DIY job you might be doing around the house, you need the right tools. Even more importantly, those tools need to be in tip-top condition. This time of the year, most folks here in the Midwest spend a lot of time outside tending to their yards. Whether it be mowing the lawn or trimming trees or pruning bushes, there is always yard work that needs to be done during the spring and summer months.

Before you get to cutting and mowing and trimming, it’s important to make sure your blades are sharp. Why? Here are three reasons, courtesy of Craig Grabow for The River City News:

1. Sharp Tools are Easier to Use

Ever cut a steak with a butter knife? It’s annoying, isn’t it? And the steak doesn’t look too pretty when you’re done. Same goes for yard work. When the job calls for something sharp, use the right tool for the job and you’ll find it’s so much easier, more efficient and more enjoyable.

2. Clean Cuts are More Beautiful

The sharper your tools, the prettier your plants. Where a dull knife butchers, a sharp blade makes a more artful cut. That goes for shrubs, grasses and perennial flowers and herbs during occasional trims. And it’s true for your lawn each week, too. Your grass is millions of tiny plants – a sharp mower blade makes millions of clean, tiny cuts for a healthy, beautiful-looking lawn.

3. Clean Cuts are Healthier

A dull blade crushes your plant’s cells, causing more damage than necessary. A sharp blade slices more cleanly for a faster healing cut. When you’re trying to help a plant make its most out of a growing season, recovery time is everything.

The longer a plant is damaged, the longer it takes to “heal.” During this time, the plant is much more vulnerable to attack by insects, pathogens and various other potential disasters. The more surgical your cuts, the less damage. The less damage, the less time your plant will be struggling and the more time it will be focused on growth and looking good.

Sharpening is very easy to do, no matter the tool, and thanks to all the DIY-happy internet content out there, you can find plenty of videos to help you stay sharp. If you’re not up for sharpening your tools on your own, find a local hardware store with a sharpening service.

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