The Trade Show May Be Over, But You Can Still Reap Some Benefits

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By this point, we all know that trade shows can be good for your business. But did you know that there are several ways your business can benefit from its appearance well after the event is over? Here are some tips to make sure your company’s booth leaves a lasting impression on visitors well after the trade show has ended from Timothy Carter for

  1. Have an Eye-Catching Display: Carter says that “if you want people to remember the booth after the conference has ended, you need to make sure your display is memorable on a number of levels.” He says that’s important to get the basics – proper lighting, open entry space, visually attractive, etc. – right and to draw attendees into your booth space using an interactive visual display, hosting contests, and giving away freebies that are “creative and convenient to carry.”
  2. Include Your Social Media Information in Your Materials: No matter what you are handing out at your booth, Carter says that it is important that it lists more than just your contact information. So that your customer can get to know you better, be sure to give your social media information as well.
  3. Make Your Social Media Interesting and Fun: Make sure visitors to your social media pages stay there by posting photos from the trade show booth and asking thoughtful questions, says Carter.
  4. Link to Photos of Your Booth on Your Website: Carter recommends that you actively take photos of your booth and the activity happening inside of it and then add a link on your website to a new page that display these photos and other interesting information about the booth.
  5. Ask People If They’d Like to Receive Your Newsletter or Other Free Information: Carter says that one of the best ways to keep your trade show booth “alive” is to keep in touch with those who stopped by. Consider creating a newsletter or do a lottery drawing of business cards for a prize giveaway. Just be sure to let folks know why you want their e-mail addresses.

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