Satellite Phones Save Lives When Nature Strikes

Satellite Phones For Disaster Aid

Satellite Phones for Disaster Relief

If your read the news headlines on a daily basis you’re sure to never forget the fact that a natural disaster can strike anyplace at anytime. In recent years, the U.S. has suffered from a host of natural disasters such as hurricanes in New Orleans and New York, tornado outbreaks in the mid-west and mass-flooding in Iowa and Colorado. The unpredictability of these events make satellite phones the go-to technology for aid.

As resourceful as cell-phones are they ultimately fail in scenarios discussed above. When the infrastructure collapses due to extreme weather, cell phone’s become useless since cell towers can be severely damaged for weeks before a crew can begin repairing them. When telecommunications are disrupted as well as roads, homes, and power–a satellite phone gives rescue operations an instant line to local services, National Guard, police, rescue crews and more. The summer months are traditionally the worst time of year for tornadoes. This fact alone is more than enough reason to consider renting satellite phone’s to help keep your business and employees safe in the unfortunate case of nature striking violently. Oklahoma and Texas are notorious for their twisters. News affiliates in Arkansas have estimated that 28 tornadoes could possibly hit Oklahoma this summer based off of last years numbers.

One of the best features of a satellite phone, besides its obvious ability to communicate anywhere, is its capability of connecting to the internet and transmit video footage. From a clear location, away from trees, large structures, a satellite phone can uplink to emergency services and news outlets from the disaster location. Satellite phones can be used on two satellite communications networks for emergency response activities: geostationary satellite systems (GEO) and low Earth orbit satellites (LEO).Iridium Phone Emergency Rentals

Rent Emergency Satellite Phones in Tulsa, Oklahoma

When it comes to providing a quick connection with a rental company when customers are in dire need, Rent It Today is always there to help. Rent It Today was able to assist a local news affiliate during the Boston Bombing Massacre in finding a satellite phone rental. Satmodo provides satellite phone rentals and internet broadband devices for rent nationwide. Through Rent It Today’s listings for Satmodo, you can find Satellite Phones for Rent in Tulsa, OK.

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