Rent an Apple Watch Before Buying

Apple iWatch Rental

Apple Watch Available For Rent Soon

If you’re the type of wirehead that likes to try their gadgets out for a period of time before officially buying them, you’ll be pleased to know that some rental companies will make the Apple Watch available for rent this summer. Apple Watch Lease, created by Zak Kidd, will provide Apple Sport devices for rent this June or July. Many technological review outlets have given the new Apple product an average score–a common issue with first-run electronic devices.

With reports of first version the new Apple Watch being average in quality, many tech-fanatics are opting to rent the new offering from Apple–at least until the second version hits shelves in 2016. Kidd has gone on record to say that rental periods for the Apple Watch from his company will last less than a year with monthly rates costing less than $50.

Don’t Want a Phone Watch? Rent an iPhone Instead

There’s still the trusty old iPhone for those who aren’t into playing Dick Tracy with a phone-watch. Rent It Today can help you find iphone rental providers in your area. Visit our cell phone rental page here.

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