How to Avoid Costly Rental Car Insurance

Rental Car Insurance

Perils of Renting a Car

Renting a vehicle can suck sometimes. Those who travel frequently can and will attest to this cold hard fact. You’ve heard the nightmare stories before. Precautionary tales of what to look for when stepping into the sterile, sleek lobby of the numerous rental car facilities stationed around the airport. The pamphlet slogan of “competitive rates” usually bounces off your eyes when the total price of your rental is read back to you at the service counter. Then there’s that whole other matter of insurance. Let’s take a look at how you can save on your next car rental.

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1.) Using Personal Car Insurance

The obvious safe bet is to stick with your personal car insurance coverage. If you choose to do so, make sure you’re covered in these areas: Collision, Liability, Medical and Loss of Use. Wrecking a rental car without loss of use coverage will leave you being charged for the amount of days the car is unavailable during repair. Using certain credit cards when paying for a rental car may assist in minimizing the deductible on a car that is vandalized, catches fire, stolen etc. This makes comprehensive coverage a must. Umbrella policies usually cover damage made to other vehicles, otherwise liability coverage.

2.) Credit Card Coverage

Most credit cards offer rental car insurance, however, it’s secondary which means it only becomes affective after a claim has been filed against your personal insurance policy. Primary coverage covers you and your insurance provider. Of course, exclusions apply: rentals in foreign countries, type of vehicle rented, traveling on unpaved roads.

That being said, credit cards do not cover damage to any vehicle other than the rental car, damage to property that’s not the owner’s, injury to anyone (obviously).  The main take-away from this point is carefully read and ask questions about what is and isn’t covered before you rent the car.

3.) Third Party Coverage

Private third-party insurance is also an option, but like credit card coverage–it doesn’t cover all damages. Collision and loss of use are typically the only incidents covered. Credit card companies such as American Express offer rental car coverage for a flat fee per rental, not day. Third-party services such as Protect Your Bubble offers car rental coverage for $7.00 daily–covering damage, theft and personal effects protection with no deductible. Additional liability coverage is not provided with this service. Verdict: The best option for those seeking to rent a car is using your personal auto insurance.

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