Rent It Today Offers Text Message Leads for Clients

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Meeting The Customer’s Needs One Text At a Time

Adapting to the habits of the customer is part of making renting simple. Accommodating the client’s needs is especially important in a time where there’s a dramatic shift from face-to-face, interpersonal interaction to exchanges completed in an instant over a wireless cell phone network via text message.

Let’s face it–most of us have less time and patience to deal with the bombardment of connections we voluntarily keep through our social media profiles and our ability to juggle this with our phone conversations suffers as result. Convenience is the solution. Rent It Today Web Developer, Lauren Frederick, sees it as a positive change.

“Today people expect near instant results,” says Frederick. “These factors create a need for quick and easy transactions.”

Text Message Leads On-The-Go

Rent It Today has recognized your immediate need to get the information you need in an annotated, timely fashion by providing text message leads. In 2014, Rent It Today tallied up to 40% of web traffic from mobile devices. Roughly 51% of all traffic to our homepage comes from mobile devices or tablets. People are carrying computers around in their hand all day long, making them walking beacons for instant communication at all hours of the day.

“Companies are embracing text messaging more and more everyday and I think that will continue to grow,” says Frederick.

Making Renting Simple

Text message leads typically receive a response from clients within 15-20 seconds of them being sent. This cuts into the sustained lag-time between e-mail messaging and phone calls. Making renting simple is one of the tenets of Rent It Today’s dedication to providing both customers–the rental company and renter–the best possible experience when searching for rentals.

“I think quick, real-time information for a prospective renter that’s convenient to their ‘on-the-go’ lifestyle will always be a benefit,” says Frederick. “It just takes ‘Making Renting Simple’ one step further.”

Rent It Today simplifies the rental process for the rental company and the renter. The more we can bridge the gap between both with smooth communication, the better. Market your rentals through Rent It Today. Real time leads, managed services, social media marketing and more tools are available for your company today.

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