A Quick Review of Curlin Ambulatory Infusion Pumps

Infusion PumpWhen it comes to a level of dependability in the medical device industry, Moog is at the top of the list. Among the many reliable medical instruments they provide are the Curlin Infusion Pump line. Highly regarded by caregivers around the world, the Curlin infusion device is equipped with the necessary, advanced medication software in an easy-to-use design.

A Tale of Two Curlin Infusion Pumps

4000 CMS PumpThe Curlin Medical pump can be used for intravenous, epidural, or subcutaneous therapies. The Curlin 4000 series pump is specifically built to deliver medications to the patient from syringes, reservoir or IV bags. Some of the special features on the 4000 series ambulatory pump include: user friendly programming, hour totals, compact size for reliability and patient specific programming. The 4000 CMS Ambulatory Infusion device is the ideal solution that’s capable of continuous, intermittent, variable modes, PCA and PCEA.

The big brother counterpart to the CMS 4000 is the Moog/Curlin 6000 CMS pump. This infusion pump is built to serve as a multi-therapy electronic infusion device. Among its capabilities are TPN, intermittent, PCA, continuous, PCEA. The CMS 6000 has the abilty to work directly with a PC and the Moog error reduction software–eliminating the unwarranted risks of giving patients the wrong infusion prescriptions. This model also has a flow resolution that works 25 times better than any other ambulatory pump.

Rent Infusion Pumps in Los Angeles, California

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