Get Ready For Some Bubbly Fun At The Bubble Palooza

Where to find party and event rentals for Bubble Palooza in Miami Fl

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In today’s economic environment it can at times be a challenge to turn the occasional frown upside down. Many Americans solve the working man blues by living for the weekend, with the average American spending twice as much money on alcohol and tobacco than they do on life insurance. If that’s not your thing, there’s a healthier alternative to the bottle: The Bubble Palooza.

Combining a ton of bubbles with the Spanish Tomato Toss, The Bubble Palooza offers participants a day to step away from the stresses of daily life by allowing people to run, walk or crawl through a myriad of bubble swarms. The ridiculousness of covering yourself in a mound of fizzling foam puts a smile on the face of even the most grumpy curmudgeon. Participants are encouraged to swear white t-shirts because packets of colored corn starch are tossed onto everyone who crosses the finish line. You’ve seen The Color Run–well, this is the same thing plus gallons of bubbles.

Five total Bubble Palooza events are scheduled nationwide, starting April 18, 2015 with Miami, FL at Amelia Earhart Park. Once a month throughout the summer, The Bubble Palooza invades the cities of Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

Rent Golf Carts For Bubble Palooza Event

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