Go “Off The Grid” With Off Road TearDrop Trailer Rentals

TearDrop Trailer

Photo Courtesy of Off The Grid Rentals

Off The Grid Teardrop Trailers

Sometimes you just have to get away from it all. Off The Grid Rentals helps make that daydream become a reality with their specially built Socal Teardrop Trailer rentals. Located in the heart of Orange County, California, Off The Grid Rentals provides customers camping equipment to find that perfect camping experience without the burdensome costs of owning.

Off Road Teardrop Trailers are built with the utmost attention to detail that competes with any camping trailer on the market. As long as you have an off-road vehicle capable of pulling a trailer that weighs 1,250 lbs, this camper is easily towed due to the 35 inch Falken all terrain tires on Method Race Wheels. Inside the camper trailer is a full size mattress with enough space for two adults–rooftop tent space optional making for up to 5 campers.

The interior is equipped with just enough technology to make you feel comfortable. AM/FM/CD radio with iPod input, cup holders, 12v outlets, 30 gallon fresh water tank, ice chest, fridge. Storage boxes located in the front of the cabin give campers a safe, secure spot to keep their personal belongings and firewood.

TearDrop Trailer rentals typically travel to one of the 27 national parks in the State of California. Monuments, trails and numerous campgrounds are often home to Off The Grid Rental equipment.

Off-Road Camper Trailers For Rent in Orange County

If you’ve found a place in California you want to take a day or two to unwind and disconnect from the frenetic pace of modern day society, Off The Grid Rentals in Orange County is your stop. With a two-night minimum, schedule a pickup through their reservation page. The Off-Road Teardrop Trailer goes for $170.00 per night.

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