Top Reasons Why You Might Need C-Arm Maintenance Services

KenQuest MedicalRadiology and imaging professionals nationwide encounter malfunctioning C-Arm equipment on occasion. There’s a variety of issues that these high-powered, x-ray machines encounter after countless hours of usage, but are you trained to diagnose the problem? If you lack the knowledge and tools to repair a C-Arm yourself, who should you turn to when your C-Arm machine needs repair? KenQuest Medical.

When a C-Arm machine goes down and you need it fixed immediately it’s often difficult to find a company that has the know-how, technicians and dedication to customer satisfaction. Many radiologists who experience C-Arm failure are advised to scrap their C-Arm machine and invest in a newer model. Often times this isn’t a financially sound option for small, upstart medical clinics that need to find that fine line between low budget and competent medical practice.

As a frame of reference, we’ve compiled a few common errors that occur with C-Arm machines. Giving yourself a fundamental understanding of the C-Arm scanner and its functions will help KenQuest Medical narrow down the potential reasons why your machine is holding you back.

  1. Charger Failure – As long as you aren’t experiencing recurring issues with your charger board or HV tank, this fix isn’t as bad you’d think. System batteries are either failing to hold a charge or they’re approaching the end of their life-span. Removal of the cover will reveal the batteries that should be replaced by a trained bio-med if available.
  2. Bad Image Quality – Fuzzy or grainy image quality on a C-Arm machine is a frequent issue that typically calls for a preventative maintenance session from KenQuest Medical. The image quality of the C-Arm machine can be affected by accumulated dust and various particles in the CCD camera.
  3. SRAM Card Error – The dreaded “Checksum” error is indicative of a faulty SRAM card. A C-Arm repair service will pinpoint the issue and replace the SRAM card in your machine. This process requires specific tools and experience to replace.
  4. Footswitch Malfunction – This one can come down to human error. If you’re tapping the footswitch impatiently, it’s likely that you’re jamming the C-Arm computer. Reboot the system and take your time. Patience is key when using an expensive piece of medical equipment such as this.

Rent C-Arm Service & Repair Maintenance From KenQuest Medical

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