Top 7 Money-Saving Tips on Your Next Rental Car

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This time of year, thousands of families (and herds of college students) will be hopping in a car and heading to one of the many beaches that line the coasts of Florida, South Carolina, and any other state that butts up to a large body of water. If you’re like me and drive a car that might not make it across the state line let across multiple borders or just prefer not to put a lot of wear and tear on your car while vacationing, you’re probably thinking of renting a car for your trip.

In order to help you get the best deal, we’ve shared a few tips from Angie Moreschi for Tampa Florida’s Bay News 9 below. Saving money is a great way to kick off your vacation, right?

Keep An Eye Out: According to Moreschi, prices fluctuate quite a bit so keep checking prices even after you’ve booked your rental car. You can always rebook if a better deal pops up.

Don’t Pay Twice: Moreschi says that most personal car insurance policies cover rentals, which means you can pass on the collision damage waiver they offer at the counter. Additionally, most major credit cards include collision coverage as a bonus. No sense paying for insurance twice.

Fill’er Up: Be sure to fill up the tank yourself before returning the car. It’s almost always cheaper to refill the tank yourself.

Check for More Savings: Check into online coupon codes or special rates for AAA or AARP members.

Package Deal: Bundling services – hotel, airfare, rental car – is often a good way to get a better rate and save money.

Plan Ahead: Moreschi advises travelers to book six weeks ahead during peak travel times. Two weeks in advance is fine any other time.

Skip the GPS: Use your cell phone to download an app for directions instead of renting a GPS. AAA offers a free mobile app.

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