Shoot a Sweet GoPro Ski Video with Tips from a Gold Medalist

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Long before Lindsey Vonn was Tiger Woods’ girlfriend, she was winning gold medals at the Olympics for Team USA. Although Vonn has dealt with a series of injuries over the past few years, she got back in the winning groove in January when she won a race in Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy to become the most successful world cup skier in history. So how does the best ever record her runs using a GoPro camera? We’re glad you asked.

Below, we’ve shared a few of Vonn’s tips which appeared in a recent issue of Men’s Journal:

How to Use a Go-Pro For Skiing

  1. Place the camera on the gates and on her ski poles.
  2. The best way to get a third-person prospective when skiing with a partner is to use the extended pole or place the camera on the top of your skis.
  3. To make better amateur videos, it’s important always have the GoPro charged and stored in the right type of case. If you are shooting a video with sound, make sure to avoid a waterproof case which she says doesn’t pick up a lot of sound.
  4. With regards to mounts, use a helmet mount “to get a true prospective of what you are looking at during your run.” Additionally, a chest mount can be used to analyze the movement in your knees and capture lower body shots. Also, use a handlebar/seatpost mount which you can attach to your ski pole to take great selfies. Finally, amateurs should use a flat adhesive on your ski and to make sure that the connection point is dry for better adhesion.

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