The 3 Best Motorcycle Road Trips in Texas

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Although not many folks in this part of the country are hopping on the back of a motorcycle and hitting the open road this time of year, cycle enthusiasts in Texas have the luxury of riding regardless of the season. If you live in Texas or are planning a trip to the Lone Star State in the near future and are looking for a place to ride, check out the list of great motorcycle road trips in Texas below from Chris Lane of the Houston Press. Go hog wild!

Three Sisters (or The 100 Mile Loop): Located about 100 miles northwest of San Antonio, this trip consists of a series of roads that are considered by many to be the best the state has to offer for “experienced motorcyclists looking for a scenic road trip.” Begin and end your trip in Leakey and take in the “panoramic views, through canyons and hills” as you navigate the twisting roads through “beautiful and rustic Central Texas landscape.” Also, there are a few great stops along the way, including a motorcycle museum. Fitting, right?

Willow City Loop: Lane also recommends the “beautifully scenic 20 mile ride” outside Fredricksburg that starts in the small town of Willow City. This trip will take riders “up and around beautiful hills” that are dotted with wildflowers. Along the way, there are a couple bars that cater to motorcyclists in the area but riders should also keep an eye out for cattle on this route and sightseers that can cause potential road hazards.

Farm to Market Road 149: Those who enjoy trees and amazing views of nature should check out the 30 miles of twisting road just west of Montgomery that cuts through parts of Sam Houston National Forest. Riders who take this trip can enjoy scenic views of beautiful pines, hilly fields, and wildflowers in bloom. A great ride for intermediate riders, this route also has plenty of places to stop off and grab a bite to eat or stretch out.

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