6 Marketing Tips to Get Your Business on Track for 2015

Social Media AppsNo matter what type of business you operate or product you are trying to sell, marketing is one of the most important keys to your overall success. To help your company readjust in the middle of 2015, we’ve shared a handful of marketing tips from consultant Allison Turner below. Remember, a good marketing strategy will help you achieve your business’ goals.

  1. Plan your campaigns at least 6 months in advance: Turner says that “having a solid marketing and advertising plan is essential.” Plan on running a campaign for a minimum of three months and be prepared to produce graphics at least a month in advance. Advertising for a holiday? Start early.
  2. Define your budget: Turner encourages businesses to set a budget to know what they have to spend on marketing. This will enable owners to calculate a return on their investment and plan for future campaigns.
  3. Reach your ideal client: It’s important, Turner says, to know which marketing avenues are best for your business. You don’t always need to hire a big firm to reach your target market but you do need to know who your target market is and how to get their attention.
  4. Campaigns for Business to Consumer: Turner says that thinking outside the box can help you stand out in the crowd of other businesses in your industry.
  5. Campaigns for Business to Business: If you are selling business-to-business products or services, Turner says you should be a little more creative in your writing to differentiate your business and “really speak to your potential client.”
  6. Remember online options: Internet marketing, such as Google or via social media, is often less expensive if you know what you’re doing, Turner says. If you’re not sure, consider hiring an “expert who knows how to best reach your target market online.”

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