Will Farmers Use Drones in the Future?

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Photo courtesy of vator.tv

Yes, according to a recent article in the magazine Popular Science. The growing presence of drones at agricultural shows and expositions proves that farmers are taking notice of new technologies that could help produce better yields in the future.

This month, the FAA proposed a new set of rules that regulate drone use. Some of these rules offer both promise and limitations for farmhands, according to the article. For farmers, drones offer “cheap aerial photography, with regular and infrared cameras which, combined with programs that stitch together and analyze the photos,” provide farmers with important information that up to this point was unattainable or too expensive to gather. Additionally, other companies have proposed using drones to shine lights over crops at night to spur growth or protect crops from various pests and insects.

The new rules proposed, however, would limit how far drones can travel, restrict night flying, and place limitations on autonomy or pre-programmed flights which would prevent farmers from using drones in a labor-saving manner. Until the official rules are released – which could take up to two years – farmers who want to experiment with drones can apply for an exemption from the FAA, fly under the guise as hobbyists, or “operate in a legal gray area.”

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