Trade Show Graphics Can Make or Break Your Booth

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The Right Way to Attend a Trade Show

Whether your company is attending a small, regional trade show or a national convention, the look of your display and aesthetic of your booth is paramount. With that being said, having great graphics is just as important as the physical display itself. To help make sure your graphics make the grade, we’ve shared a few tips from Mel White, a contributor at Trade Show News Network. Good luck!

Up or Down. White says vendors should avoid putting important elements at floor level. Higher elements, he says, will draw your customers’ attention from several aisles over.

It’s a Display. Not a Brochure. Messaging should be clear, concise and to the point. Leave the details for the brochure or website, says White.

Image Quality Counts. White recommends using high resolution photos and vector artwork. Projects should have native, clean artwork. White says it’s worth spending the money to get good quality stock photography.

Details. Details. Details. White recommends having renderings done of your graphics. It’s also important to know where accessories are placed and to have exact measurements, he says. Finally, he recommends having someone who really cares about spelling and grammar review your copy.

Coherence. Your graphics need to tell a coherent story, White says. The overall design should work together and shouldn’t confuse customers.

Color is Your Friend. White recommends referencing specific Pantone swatches when color matching.

Fonts are Your Friend. White says that one or two fonts is plenty. Stick with clean, easy-to-read type and add a unique accent type if “you want a little flare.”

Scale Matters. White says, “Go big!” You need to grab the attention of folks three aisles over and show them something that “compels them to come visit you.”

Swallow Your Pride. If you’re a graphic designer and the client wants to do something dumb even when you’ve advised them not to, swallow your pride. They’ll learn from their mistakes.

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