New Heated Vest from BMW Designed to Keep Motorcycle Riders Warm

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I don’t ride motorcycles – although I one day hope to get my dad’s 1967 Triumph back on the road – but if I did, I guarantee you wouldn’t see me out on the road around here during the winter months. The cold air in Northern Kentucky can cut right through you. If you don’t mind chilly temperatures while riding or just can’t stand to sit inside for four months, BMW has a new product out that just might make taking your bike out now a bit more bearable.

The HeatUp heated vest by BMW looks just like any other piece of motorcycle apparel but is able to heat up in five central locations, including two on the chest, the back, and near the rider’s kidney areas. The polyester vest can reach three different heating levels at a max of 35 watts at 12 volts and has the ability to connect to the bike’s power socket to “keep constant connectivity for warmer rides,” according to

The vest is designed to be worn underneath a motorcycle jacket and features a high collar that protects the rider’s neck and one inside pocket, which can be used to store a smartphone or a cold hand. The vest is light, sporty and form-fitting and has a light fleece liner that provides a good amount of insulation. The vest is available in sizes XS to XXXL and retails for $249.

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