Service Lets You Rent a Private Plane to Fly From NYC to Boston

Photo courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Photo courtesy of Pilatus Aircraft Ltd

Are you a businessperson (or movie star or politician or successful hip-hop artist) who needs to get from the Big Apple to Boston for a last-minute meeting? Have no fear; Beacon is here.

After launching Surf Air, a subscription-based airline that started in 2013 and shuttles frequent fliers from the Bay Area to L.A. and back, the founders of the company have set their sights on the East Coast and will launch a similar venture this summer that caters to the affluent crowd traveling from New York to Boston several times a month.

For $2,000 per month, clients receive an unlimited number of flights and, rather than spend 10 minutes booking their trip, can get on a flight just by filling out a short questionnaire that lets Beacon know who they are, when they want to leave, and where they’re planning to go.

While there are certainly many similarities that exist between Surf Air and Beacon in terms of convenience and service, there are also a few notable differences. One, unlike Surf Air which bought a small fleet of turboprop planes to “control the experience end-to-end,” Beacon does not plan on buying planes but instead will partner with individual operators who own their aircraft. Additionally, Beacon will not employ flight attendants. The founders believe that it is important to empower the customer and found that people who have to pour their own drink are actually happier about the experience.

Beacon will start with just a single route from New York City to Boston and nine flights each way every day. Flights will depart each hour so last-minute bookings are also a possibility. Memberships for Beacon are available now and the company plans to begin flying in June of this year.

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