How to Improve Your Golf Game Over the Winter


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With temperatures hanging at the bottom of the thermometer, it’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to hit the driving range to work on your golf swing anytime soon. So how can you improve your game without spending any time on the course? Below, we’ve shared a list of tips from Hayley Bosch for Forbes Magazine on how to step up your game this off-season before hitting the links. Fore!

  1. Hit the weights: To “keep your game fresh,” you need to strengthen your glute muscles and maintain your core. Strong glutes help with balance and power which means “you’re more apt to strike the ball harder and farther, hit after hit.”
  2. Improve your mental game: Because the mental aspect as just as important as the physical in golf, you should also work on your “inner pre-shot routine” by taking a deep breath, relaxing, and visualizing shots in your head. Developing a pre-shot routine will likely lead to lower scores.
  3. Learn to like yoga: Yoga and Pilates “help with flexibility and core stability while lengthening muscles to help with range of motion.” Improving flexibility and range of motion means you’ll have the ability to “take a fuller, more robust swing.”
  4. Swing weighted clubs: Swinging a weighted club will help improve the timing and mechanics of your swing. Working with a heavier club boosts your body’s motor memory.
  5. Practice in the mirror: Use full-length mirrors as training aids, practicing your full swing, back swing, and down swing for five minutes, four times a week. The idea is to “try to coordinate what you’re feeling with what you see in the mirror and make adjustments accordingly.

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