Beach Wheelchairs Help Users Have Fun in the Sand

Beach Wheelchair RentalsYears ago, a trip to the beach for wheelchair users was anything but well, a trip to the beach. To address the issue of navigating a wheelchair in sand and over other challenging terrain, a few companies set out to create new pieces of mobility equipment that would enable chair users to enjoy their tropical vacation. Their inventions, known as beach wheelchairs, are now spotted on shores across the globe, from St. Tropez to Venice Beach.

With so many models available, however, it can be difficult to choose while wheelchair is right for you. To help you decide, we’ve shared the benefits of three of the most popular models in the marketplace, as identified by the United Spinal Association, below. Don’t forget your sunscreen!

Landeez: Manufactured by Natural Access, the Landeez is made of lightweight stainless steel tubing and features a mirrored finish to reduce overheating as well as nylon upholstery that is removable and washable. More importantly, it’s “soft, plastic, pneumatic wheels roll gently over sand” and other uneven surfaces. While the standard model requires someone to push the wheelchair from behind, the wheels of the Landeez can be swapped out for a set of push rims for self-propel types. The chair can support up to 550 pounds and can also be disassembled and folded into a bag.

De-Bug: Featuring four fat “bubble” wheels and a stainless steel frame, the De-Bug by Deming Design is a popular beach wheelchair. The De-Bug, which must be pushed from behind, also features reclining and tilt seating, removable and swing-away armrests, an adjustable footrest, and umbrella attachment. The chair weighs about 50 pounds with wheels and 15 pounds without, and can support a 300 pound passenger. It can also be folded easily for travel and storage.

Hippocampe: Made in France, the three-wheeled Hippocampe offers users many advantages. One, self-propelling wheels come standard on the beach chair. Two, the Hippocampe floats, so “users can roll out into the surf and then swim away from the chair.” Last, but not least, the Hippocampe’s single front wheel can be converted into a ski, transforming the beach chair into a snow chair. The sleek-designed Hippocampe is built from lightweight aluminum with a neoprene cover, can hold up to 285 pounds and comes in four sizes based on a user’s height.

Renting Beach Wheelchairs in Outer Banks, North Carolina

If you’re planning a vacation to the Outer Banks this year, be sure to visit Rent It Today for beach wheelchair rentals. Rent It Today provides rental listings for beach wheelchair rentals, surf chairs and various mobility products that are design for usage on rugged terrain. Beach mobility should be easy, so roll over the sand dunes with ease and comfort with a wheelchair rental today.

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