How to Use Social Media to Your Advantage at Trade Shows

Social Media Boosts Trade Shows & ParticipantsThe benefits of attending and/or exhibiting at trade shows have been well documented on this very same blog over the past few years, but even more important is knowing how to maximize these benefits. To help take your social media strategy to the next level, we’ve summarized some trade show tips from Wordsworth, a public relations and marketing firm located in Cincinnati, Ohio, below. Good luck!

  1. Find the right hashtag: Visit the trade show Twitter handle or review tweets from last year’s show to find the most popular hashtag for the trade show. Be sure to use this hashtag across all platforms and don’t be afraid to test out different variations from time to time.
  2. Follow key influencers: Be sure to add target media reporters and outlets to your trade show social plan. Research influencers who might not be on the show list by searching use of the hashtag or using a service like Buzzsemo.
  3. Identify the social media ambassador: Identify who your key social media ambassador will be ahead of time and make sure they have a steady power supply, a Wi-Fi connection, the right hashtags and a “knack for proper spelling and grammar.”
  4. Interact with influencers: Naturally interact with influencers by inviting them to stop by your booth for free stuff and a run-though of new products or services.
  5. Think visually: Visuals are a social media must (especially at trade shows) so be sure to share photos of your booth, company leaders interacting with guests, new products and demos, and even the city you’re visiting. Don’t be afraid to throw in a few videos as well.
  6. Consider social advertising: Boost Facebook posts or launch an ad set for targeted fans of the show’s page to really make your mark at a trade show.
  7. Measure and evaluate: Use social media analytics to find out what worked and what didn’t and what your competitors did to determine how to tweak your plan for next year’s show. One good method to employ is the “Stop, Start, Continue” reporting method. Stop those things that didn’t work; start things you should be doing or that did well for your competition; and continue to do those things that worked.

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