What to Know Before Renting a RV for a Family Adventure

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For some, traveling long distances trapped in a car with your kids sounds more like a punishment than a vacation. For those families who actually get along, a road trip can be the best kind of adventure. Sure, the family mini-van is more than able to handle the trip, but if you really want to enjoy yourselves while on the road, a recreational vehicle is the way to go. Before you go ahead and book that RV, however, there are some things to consider first.

Below, we’re shared some facts and myths about RV rentals, courtesy of Jody Halsted for Yahoo.com. Happy trails!

RV Fiction: An RV is a cheap vacation. It might be cheaper (in most cases) to rent a RV than fly, but there are several costs to take into consideration when going with a recreational vehicle, including rental cost, cost per mile driven, insurance, and fuel expenses.

RV Fact: RV rental costs vary, so do your homework. According to Halsted, there are plenty of options out there – from nationwide rental companies to local businesses and private motorhome rentals – “all with variables from costs to included amenities” so shop around.

RV Fiction: RVs are like buses, and I can’t drive a bus. Yeah, a recreational vehicle might be intimidating to drive at first, but Halsted says that if you take it slow, remember to turn wide, and use your mirrors, you’ll get the hang of it in no time.

RV Fact: An RV is a home on wheels. RVs have all the comforts of your home – they’re just smaller. Avoid pit stops by being organized and planning a menu in advance. Halsted also recommends that riders, especially kids, use seat belts (rather than roam freely) when the RV is in motion.

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