What to Know Before Renting Heavy Equipment

Photo courtesy of gopixpic.com

Photo courtesy of gopixpic.com

When it comes to certain pieces of equipment – lawn care, construction, etc. – it often makes sense to rent before you buy. Renting gives homeowners, contractors and other folks a chance to try out the latest and greatest models and all but eliminate any project downtime that can happen when a piece of equipment you own malfunctions and you don’t have a replacement on hand.

Before you rent that piece of heavy machinery or specialty tool, however, there are a few things you should know ahead of time. Below, we’ve shared some rental red flags from Catherine Pomiecko from a recent article at LawnandLandscape.com.

  • Budget beyond the sticker price: Pomiecko recommends adding about 25 percent to the rental rate to make sure you’re covered for any and all incidentals, including damage waiver and environment fees, taxes, pickup and trucking fees, fuel charges, and cleaning fees.
  • Pick brains: Pomiecko reminds renters that it’s the contractor’s responsibility to demonstrate the proper use of equipment to employees. Additionally, contractors must also make sure they are selecting the right equipment for the job and know its limitations. Typically, rental companies will demonstrate how to use the equipment and offer their expertise to a contractor.
  • Understand coverage: Pomiecko says that contractors should completely understand the details of the damage waiver. She also says it might be a good idea for contractors who frequently rent equipment to consider adding a rental equipment policy to their business insurance to avoid paying waiver fees each time they rent.
  • Work with your dealer: If a contractor is renting the same piece of equipment over and over, Pomiecko says a rent-to-own program through your dealer may be the best way to go.

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