U.S. Military Building Stealth Hybrid Motorcycle

Photo courtesy of Logos Technologies

Photo courtesy of Logos Technologies

While I sit here at my desk writing this article, the U.S. Military is hard on work on a new toy that would make even Batman jealous. According to a story at FoxNews.com, the military is moving forward with plans to develop a silent motorcycle for its covert ops.

Although the technical details of the project are mostly on known, Fox News reports that the team behind what is being dubbed “SilentHawk” recently received a Phase II Small Business Innovation Research award from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The off-roader, according to Fox News, is fitted with a “hybrid-electric powertrain designed by Logos Technologies that was originally created for use in an unmanned aerial vehicle.” It will likely run on either diesel or JP-8 (like most military vehicles) and the power system will be “field swappable,” which likely means a dead battery pack can be replaced quickly with a fully-charged one, eliminating time spent on recharging. Additionally, the SilentHawk will feature two-wheel drive, meaning it has “the climbing capability of a mountain goat.” Say what?

According to the article, the idea was to “create a motorcycle that can combine stealth capability of an electric over short distances with much greater operational range provided by an internal combustion engine and easily refillable tank.” If everything goes according to plan, I’d say mission accomplished.

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