How to Write a Better Blog Post in 5 Steps

Ways to Improve BlogWhether your business is large or small, blogging is a great (and relatively inexpensive) way to reach a new audience and engage current customers – assuming, of course, anyone actually wants to read it. So how can you produce content that will captivate an audience? Below, we’ve summarized a handful  tips from Jeremy Goldman, contributor at Inc. Magazine:

  1. Create a short, snappy headline: Goldman suggests making sure you use the headline as a means to get your point across in a clear, direct way. Statistics suggest that readers “tend to absorb the first and last three words of a headline,” so Goldman recommends keeping headlines short.
  2. Use an opening hook: Goldman says a great headline will capture a reader’s attention, but to keep it you need a strong introduction. It’s been found that a “compelling narrative can attract 300 percent more readers,” so if you’re unsure how to begin a post, Goldman recommends leading with a personal anecdote.
  3. Include photos and other visuals: Goldman writes that photos and graphics “are an essential component of social media marketing and user experience.” In fact, studies suggest that 40 percent of readers respond better to visual information as opposed to just plain text.
  4. Limit the number of characters per line: Goldman suggests helping your readers process text by placing an image next to an important phrase. He also recommends playing around with formatting, such as boosting the font size of the first paragraph, to see how it looks.
  5. Incorporate subheadings for better readability: Many people have short attention spans so Goldman suggests using subheads throughout the article to “make the material easier to absorb” and to help readers “scan and skip to the sections they find most appealing.”

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