Backpacking and Camping Gear Rentals Grow In Popularity

As 21st Century lifestyles become more complex, the allure of camping, backpacking and the great outdoors is increasing. Camping is a fun, simple and affordable way to decompress as well as enjoy quality time with family or friends.  Pitching a camping tent, building a campfire, and kicking back under the star filled sky offers a throwback to a more primitive time and a relaxing escape from the increasingly urbanized world.

Outdoor enthusiasts range from the experienced backpacker who relishes hiking into undeveloped wilderness areas, to the Tenderfoot who has limited or no experience at tent camping. Whatever your level of experience, renting gear for camping and backpacking has become an increasingly popular option. Fuel costs make traveling light a priority, and flying to a destination makes transporting gear quite a task, if not an impossibility.

Unless you are a frequent camper or backpacker, investing in costly gear for only occasional use doesn’t make financial sense. You can save money by renting camping gear and using it just for as long as you need it. High quality, top-brand gear rental is available for less than you’d spend to buy and own inexpensive, low quality options. And gear rental also allows outdoor enthusiasts of every experience level the opportunity to ‘try before you buy’.

If you’re a new or relatively inexperienced camper or backpacker, outdoor equipment rental businesses can be a valuable preparation resource. Rely on their experience to ensure you get all the essentials you’ll need. They will answer any questions you may have and are happy to offer suggestions regarding your excursion. Whether you are renting or buying, selection of the right gear is important. Fit, strength, size, weight, length of trip, weather, experience and destination are all important factors to consider when selecting the gear that will work best for you.

Most camping and backpacking equipment rental dealers allow you to reserve online or by phone, and offer consultation and recommendations based on your itinerary.  Your gear is shipped so it arrives at your home the day before you leave on your trip, or at your destination the day before you arrive. Typically there is no additional charge for transit time. When you are finished with the equipment, you simply return it in the same packaging in which it was shipped by attaching a prepaid return shipping label, or following the instructions the dealer supplies with the rental. It’s not unlike renting a DVD online, just in a bigger package.

All in all, experienced outfitters are making rental of outdoor equipment for camping or backpacking uncomplicated and user focused. That’s why this type of rental is growing in popularity. Enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier.

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