Smart Small Business Marketing Solutions for 2015

Rent It Today Can Help Your Business Get Found OnlineAs a small business ourselves, we know how easy it is to push a marketing strategy on the back burner so we can deal with more pressing issues that seem to pop up on a daily basis. Unfortunately, this is no way to grow a business. Spending time and resources on marketing efforts is crucial not only to the growth of small businesses, but also its survival. To help get your business off on the right foot in 2015, we’ve shared a few tips from an article at written by marketing expert Rieva Lesonsky.

  1. Invest more money in marketing: Lesonsky argues that by “pinching pennies” businesses miss out on larger opportunities. She says it is important for small business owners to look at marketing costs as an investment in their business and brand – not as an expense.
  2. Assess the results of your marketing: Whether you are advertising online, marketing with social media or using traditional methods such as print or television, Lesonsky says there is always a way to track results. Use website analytics tools to see which campaigns best attract users or codes in your print, TV, or radio ads to track with specific ads draw people to your business. The easiest method? Ask customers where they heard about your product or company.
  3. Devote more time to marketing: Hard to find time for marketing? Lesonsky offers two techniques you can use when you’re busy: 1. Reach out to current customers with a special offer or discount on additional services or products related to past purchases. 2. Contact satisfied customers to see if they’re willing to give you referrals. Then follow up with the referrals within a week or two.
  4. Always be looking ahead: Lesonsky reminds business owners to “keep your head up and pay attention to your customers, your competitors and your industry.”

Market Your Small Business Through Rent It Today

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