Lumoid Now Renting Fitness Tracker Watches

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Taking a page out of the Warby Parker playbook, gadget rental company Lumoid is set to launch a try-before-you-buy program of their own. Instead of eyeglasses, however, Lumoid customers will have the opportunity to try out up to five of the best fitness trackers on the market including Nike+ products, Jawbone Up, Fitbit, Gear Fit, and more.

According to an article by Chris Gayomali for Fast Company, the process is easy: Customers can choose up to five products, try them out, and choose the one they like best. Then, they simply return all five devices, pay for their favorite, and Lumoid sends them their brand new tracker. If the customer chooses not to purchase a wearable device, Lumoid charges them a one-time $20 try-on fee.

Gayomali says that one of the key selling points is that there is no upfront fee. He also notes that the program is ideal for folks having trouble deciding between two or three devices who want to avoid buying both or all three in order to make the final call.

There are, however, a few downsides to the program, says Gayomali. One, the instructions sent with the devices aren’t thorough enough and two, the company isn’t going to be able to get around the fact they are sending out devices that someone else has worn while getting sweaty which could turn off some customers.

All-in-all, it’s a good, mostly risk-free program for the consumer who needs help deciding which device is right for him or her before buying.

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